Marine Research Institute is the subdivision of Klaipėda University, aimed to ensure proper operation of the scientific infrastructure of Marine Valley and open access to the R&D services for internal and external users, to facilitate science and business cooperation through high level scientific and technological research.

Main activities of the Institute are R&D in marine environment and maritime technologies.

Open Access services for science and business:

  • Multipurpose research vessel for modern oceanographic research and marine engineering services;
  • Analysis of biogeochemical processes and biological components of marine ecosystems;
  • Modern marine biotechnology, alternatiev fuel and renewable energy solutions;
  • Efficiency of waterborne transport including solutions for efficient energy and polution prevention;
  • Marine constructions reliability , monitoring and non-destructive control.

A part of Marine Research Institute infrastructure was established after the Lithuanian Government (23 July, 2008, Resolution No. 786) approved The Programme of Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley) for the Development of Lithuanian Maritime Sector with a purpose to establish and develop Marine Valley in Klaipėda.