Paulius Rapalis

Analysis of air pollution and pollution from energy equipment, research of fuel physical – chemical properties:

  • Mobile, high precision, automatic complex gas analyzers for NOx, SO2, CO, O2 measurements in emission sources: HORIBA 250, Testo Maritime;
  • Mono component, automatic gas analysers (for NOx and O3 ) measurements in ambient air. This equipment is used measurements of for air pollution with harmful gases;
  • Fuel testing equipment: automatic solid and liquid fuel elemental composition (C, H, S, N, O) analysis equipment, automatic calorimeter. Cold fuel characteristics (flash point, pour point, filtration temperature), cetane number, lubricity properties, oxidative stability, water content in the fuel and moisture content in solid fuels, ash content determination in solid fuels equipment.
  • Mobile complex ambient air pollution (NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, PM 2,5; PM 10) laboratory