Artūras Tadžijevas

Destructive and non-destructive investigations of marine structures and their materials. Diagnostics and monitoring of rotor systems and mechatronics in waterborne transport, energy production and industrial companies. Bio-engineering investigation of humans and ergonomics of their environment:

  • standard equipment for determination of static and dynamic properties of materials, chemical and micro composition of steels. Investigations of deformations and eigen-frequencies of constructions;
  • measurements and analysis of absolute and relative vibration signals using multi-channel data acquisition and analysis system. Equipment can be used to record, store and analyze of mechanical vibrations, acoustical vibrations and other digital and analog electrical signals;
  • alignment of shafts, pulleys and couples using laser alignment system;
  • dynamical balancing of rotors;
  • evaluation of thermal conductivity of buildings and diagnostic of technological equipment using infrared imaging;
  • evaluation of acoustical noise, analysis of noise magnitude, phase and frequency in FFT spectra;
  • virtual prototyping using modeling and simulation software;
  • visual monitoring of objects in poor visibility conditions.