doc. dr. Mindaugas Žilius

Laboratory is aimed for complex analysis of different ecosystem components and integration of the results using multifunctional modelling tools:

  • standard microscopy tools for quantitative and structural analysis of different taxonomic groups, analysis of the community structure, trophology and morphometry;
  • unique microscopy tools (Portable Confocal Scanning Optical Microscope) for the analysis of hard samples without destroying their micro and macro structure;
  • laboratory incubators and mesocosm systems for physiological and functional analysis of marine organisms, populations and ecosystems;
  • analytical equipment for nutrient and organic carbon analysis;
  • sedimentology equipment for the analysis of sediment particles (size, shape), fractionation of the samples, analysis of mechanical patterns of sediments (fraction of organic particles, density, relative density, porosity, filtration and strength properties, etc.);
  • specialised GIS databases, spatial analysis of the data, 2D and 3D mapping, hydrodynamic, lithodynamic and ecological modelling.