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Ongoing PhD studies

Ecology and Environmental Science

Gabriela de los Ángeles, Escobar Sánchez “Monitoring and management of macro-litter in coastal zones“, supervisor – prof. habil. dr. Gerald Schernewski
Burak Kaynaroglu “Ecological modeling for eutrophication studies in three European coastal waterbodies“, supervisor – prof. dr. Hans Georg Umgiesser
Saulė Medelytė “Marine benthic habitats: identification, classification and the development of indicators for the environmental status assessment based on underwater imagery“, supervisor – dr. Andrius Šiaulys
Viktorija Sabaliauskaitė “Micro litter in the coastal environment of the southeastern Baltic Sea“, supervisor – dr. Arūnas Balčiūnas
Agnė Jucytė-Čičinė “Impact of hazardous micropollutants on aquatic ecosystems and their reduction through advanced technologies in wastewater treatment plants“, supervisor – dr. Mindaugas Žilius
Rudy Benetti “Role of surface-groundwater interactions on water chemistry and fish communities along hydrological extremes in Lithuanian and Italian streams“, supervisor – prof. dr. Marco Bartoli
Greta Kalvaitienė “Interaction of bacterial pathogens with macrophytes and algae in the aquatic environment“, supervisor – dr. Marija Kataržytė
Elise Lorre “The effect of persistent organic pollutants on activity and diversity of microbial community in estuarine sediments“, supervisor – dr. Mindaugas Žilius
Paola Forni “Energetic landscapes of benthophagous birds in the coastal waters of the central Baltic”, supervisor – prof. dr. Darius Daunys
Reza Pashaei “Emerging pollutants in estuarine environment: transport, fate and effects on biogeochemical processes”, supervisor – dr. Reda Dzingelevičienė
Esther Robbe “Development of approach for the cross-sectorial management of multiple ecosystem services in the coastal marine ecosystems”, supervisor – dr. Jūratė Lesutienė
Edvinas Tiškus “Development of a system for surface water quality assessment integrating remote sensing methods”, supervisor – dr. Diana Vaičiūtė
Soukaina Elyaagoubi “Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services Offered by Oualidia and Curonian Lagoons Environment“, supervisor – prof. dr. Artūras Razinkovas-Baziukas
Karolina Kaziukonytė “Impact of Nemunas Floods on Ecosystem Services in Curonian Lagoon and Nemunas Delta“, supervisor – prof. dr. Artūras Razinkovas-Baziukas
Vaidotas Andrašūnas “The influence of multi-annual and seasonal effects of plankton species composition and abundance on survival of fish larvae and young of the year fishes transitional waters (Curonian Lagoon)”, supervisor – prof. dr. Artūras Razinkovas-Baziukas

Physical Geography (Natural Sciences)

Arvydas Urbis “Assessment of the Aesthetic Attractiveness of the Landscape of the Curonian Spit (Part of Lithuania) Using a Geographic Information System”, supervisor – prof. dr. R. Povilanskas
Remigijus Dailidė “Application of Climatographic Methods to the Climate Change Assessment of the Baltic Sea Coast”, supervisor – prof. dr. R. Povilanskas
Indrė Razbadauskaitė-Venskė “Research of Geographical Differences in Sustainable Consumption: The Impact of Marketing on Excessive Consumption and Pollution on the Coasts”, Supervisor – prof. dr. I. Dailidienė
Vitalijus Kondrat “Estimation of Sediment Budget Change Based on the Dynamics of the Transverse Shore Profile in the Southeast Baltic Region”, supervisor – doc. dr. L. Kelpšaitė-Rimkienė
Ilona Šakurova “Modeling of Longitudinal Sediment Transport in the Southeastern Baltic Sea under Changing Natural Factors and Anthropogenic Load”, prof. dr. T. Soomere, consultant – doc. Dr. L. Kelpšaitė-Rimkienė
Erika Čepienė “The Impact of Extreme Hydrometeorological Conditions in the Southeast Baltic Sea against the background of Climate Change and increasing Anthropogenic load”, supervisor – prof. dr. I. Dailidienė, consultant – dov. Dr. E. Stonevičius.
Laura Nesteckytė “Evaluation and forecasting of the marine hazards: science-based support for decision-makers”, Akademic advisor – prof. dr. Kai Myrberg, academic consultant – dr. Loreta Kelpšaitė-Rimkienė.