1. Research based harmonization of terrestrial and maritime spatial plans empowering the scientifically sound sea and land integration [more information]
2. Seafloor integrity and its recovery under bottom trawling effects in the central Baltic [more information]
3. Hazardous oscillations in the Klaipeda harbour: observations and modeling [more information]
4. Ecological modelling of transitional water ecosystems [more information]
5. Mussel cultivation in low-saline Baltic coastal waters [more information]
6. Tools and Approaches for supporting Coastal and Marine Policy implementation [more information]
7. Earth Observation-based assessment of ecological status over surface waters [more information]
8. Pathways of anaerobic respiration in estuarine sediments: role of metal (Fe, Mn) reduction and methanogenesis [more information]
9. Science based risk assessment for implementation of the Ballast water management convention [more information]
10. Assessment and modelling of ecosystem services in coastal lagoons [more information]