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Kviečiame į Jūrų biotechnologijos bei Pakrančių turizmo tematikos kursus


We invite you to enroll to online courses on marine biotechnology and coastal tourism.

Registration and enrollment is revived at

Six courses on blue biotechnology

  1. Blue Biotechnology for YOU
  2. Blue-Based Solutions
  3. Marine Natural Products (MNPs)
  4. MNPs Toolbox
  5. Code of Conduct of Biotechnology
  6. Sustainable Blue Economy

and four coastal tourism courses

  1. Hospitality,
  2. Sustainable Tourism Development,
  3. Innovation Leadership in Tourism Sector Organization,
  4. Management and Planning Tourism Business

are available.

Go and register by using your Google, Facebook account or create an account on

Open online courses have been developed under the INTERREG South Baltic Programme project FOCUS – Facilitating blue growth with open courses by utilizing R&D products and virtual mobility .


Lead Partner – Klaipeda University


Lithuanian Business University of Applied Sciences
Linnaeus University, Sweden
University of Gdansk, Poland
Roskilde Business College, Denmark

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