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Marine Research Institute scientists participated in European Coastal Lagoons Symposium EUROLAG

In 8th European Coastal Lagoons Symposium which took place in Athens, Greece, on 20-23 of March, 2018 6 scientists and 6 PhD students from Marine Research Institute of Klaipėda university gave oral presentations.

The symposium was dedicated for research related with Coastal lagoons evolution, Functioning & Climatic changes, Biodiversity & Water quality, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Goods and services, Conservation, Management & Sustainable use, European networks and Projects in Transitional areas and Lagoons.

Also, the scientific discussion related to the lagoon research and international cooperation took place during this meeting. Representatives of Marine Research Institute with scientists from other countries discussed the issues related to Curonian Lagoon and Baltic Sea research projects BaltCoast – A Systems Approach Framework for Coastal Research and Management in the Baltic, Ecopotential – Improving future ecosystem benefits through earth observations, LiveLagoons – The use of active barriers for the nutrient removal and local water quality improvement in Baltic lagoons, EcoServe – The future ecosystem services of the Lithuanian coastal zone: the global change perspective.